Play Da Lang

Shenzhen, China, 2015

Technical Specifications and Game Rules

FashionValley02, Da Lang, Shenzhen

Play da Lang is a unique city strategy game for imagining collaborative visions. The game context is a new town transitioning its economy to innovative industry, fashion design in this particular case. Players compete and collaborate to achieve both individual and collective goals they have. Exceptionally, in Play da Lang migrant workers join negotiations with other involved stakeholders. There are 8 various game characters represented in Play da Lang. Maximum 30 players can join one game session. The game lasts minimum 2 hours.


Layer Rule
Players build the area in a bottom up way. Also literally! Plinth and public spaces are followed by upper floor layers until roof tops in various game phases.


Priority Rule
As the major users of public space, migrant workers carry priority for playing ground spaces and plinths.


Density Rule
Play da Lang is based on the actual density assumptions of the official Statutory Plan.
Build-able footprint: 120.000 m2 Overall construction: 300.000 m2.


Land Use Rule
Mixture of living, working, leisure, both built and unbuilt, and infrastructure program is left to individual players independent from the official Statutory Plan.


Local Context Rule
The game table carries information based on the existing local site from topology to landscape to infrastructure. Players interacting with conditions such as water levels, existing vegetation and buildings earn priority in case of conflict with other players’ decisions.