Play da Lang

Shenzhen, China, 2015

Migrant-centred City-making in Shenzhen’s Fashion Valley

FashionValley02, Da Lang, Shenzhen

Da Lang Neighborhood is a migrant community. More than 50 percent of these migrants are only between 20 - 29 years old. Play Da Lang poses a simple question: What if we use their enormous amount of energy for city making? Even a small percentage of 500,000 inhabitants is enough to make a real change in the city’s organization. A truly engaged community could become key to a more diverse, stable and more fun Da Lang.

Stakes are high for this debated site in Da Lang Fashion Valley: villagers who are the land owners, but also local government, innovative textile businesses and commercial developers have their future dreams for the development of the site. In Play Da Lang, migrant workers will find the chance to visualize their ideas together with the ‘usual suspects’ in city making.