City Innovation Game

Buiksloterham, Amsterdam edition


The City Innovation Game will be launched during the prestigious urban development conference Isocarp hosted by Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. You may now register via

Cities are buzzing with concepts as DIY, Circularity and Hackability corresponding to innovations for the society, economy and environment, as well as governance. Now there is a serious game to translate such abstract themes into tangible urban interventions and business cases: The City Innovation Game. First application of the game lands in Amsterdam Noord’s Buiksloterham -BSH- during the international planning conference Isocarp. 

Buiksloterham Facts

In only a few years, the fate of Buiksloterham, a former industrial site in Amsterdam Noord, changed dramatically. Today hardly anyone hesitates that BSH is one of Amsterdam’s fastest growing living and working quarter. Latest experiments in clean building technologies are developed by her active community. City innovators who kept believing as well as investing in BSH during the real estate crisis deserve recognition for today’s success.

A closer look at BSH reveals behind the scenes innovations in city making: building groups uniting for a scale jump also locally referred as ‘Tussenmaat’, social housing corporations co-developing city plots with individual self-builders, residents developing a floating self-sustainable village, spatially diverse urban blocks by self-builders, a citizen initiated public park, an on-land-boat office elevated on polluted land, housing companies seeking business cases in waste as a resource and more. 
Meanwhile, as larger players of construction sector are returning to the ‘game’, question rises: will BSH continue to be the innovation ground of the city or will ‘business as usual’ prevail?

City Innovation Game

Play the City created the City Innovation Game to strategise innovative urban development scenarios with realistic business cases for the future of BSH. When fully developed City Innovation Game will become the world's first interactive physical game system that integrates urban development with flows of energy, water, food and waste. The main aim of the city game is supporting various players to translate their ideas into tangible plans with realistic business cases. Individual entrepreneurs, building groups as well housing companies are major players. Governments - national, provincial and local levels - join the game to provide frameworks and gather information about latest development trends. 
Systematically recording and monitoring the ongoing processes on site, City Innovation Game will become the platform where knowledge can be aggregated.

What can you expect from the Gaming Session

*Enhance effective decision making – through the power of Games
*Learn from real world cases while networking with 40 international professionals visiting Isocarp
*Learn how to adapt and take action in multidisciplinary environments
*Advance in change management and leadership for personal and professional development
*Elaborate on new clean building technologies
*Learn about your own negotiation skills, how they are perceived by other professionals and how you can improve

The gaming session costs 250€ exc. VAT per person and will be spent in the further development of the innovation game.
Date: 20 October 2015, 11:30-16:30
Location: Pakhuis De Zwijger

The City Innovation Game came to life with contributions of The Hackable City, Circular Buiksloterham and Pakhuis de Zwijger. Play the City is currently seeking for co-investors to develop the game to its next level.
If you also want to support the game development please contact us via