Play Cape Town

On July 10th Play the City will be at Department of Design in Cape Town for testing the Khayelitsha City Centre Development Game.

Department of Design

Provenance Auction House, Cape Town

Ekim Tan will deliver on of the keynote lectures at Department of Design. In this lecture, she will explain how the South African planning system is polarized both economically and socially. Urban planning is uncoordinated and plans for densification, for sprawl, and unplanned developments happen simultaneously. In this context of conflicting urban narratives, planners, designers, developers, and other professionals are looking for ways to make isolated stakeholders work together. City gaming can provide them with the tools to do this, by bringing together players from different backgrounds and disciplines, pointing out mutually beneficial solutions to conflicting stakeholders.

During lunchtime, there will be a series of short presentations by serious gaming companies: Ekim Tan from Play the City, Jeroen Warmerdam from Tygron Serious Gaming and Marcus Vlaar from Ranj Serious Games. A network of serious gaming companies involved in urban issues is emerging in Holland. This lunchtime series will show their differences and commonalities.

In the afternoon, there will be a couple of short demonstrations in the Play the City room, designed in cooperation with Droog. These demonstration games we will be an example of the way city games can help to generate new solutions for the difficult urban questions South Africa’s planners and designers deal with every day. A game for planning the western forecourt of Khayelitsha train station will show how city gaming can generate new ideas for this difficult site and establish consensus between different stakeholders. Participants take on the role of a large or a small stakeholder in the development of Khayelitsha. They will get to test their diplomatic and creative skills to the fullest! There will be a number of demonstration game sessions, each one tailored to a different group of people. If you want to experience the power of city gaming firsthand, send an email to, and we will arrange an invitation for you.