PBL Plays Oosterwold, Almere

October 2013, The Netherlands

Oosterwold’s urban plan is unique in Dutch planning history. Shaped by planning rules instead of by a graphically delineated plan, the Oosterwold polder will be built by its future citizens’ adoption and interpretation of these rules.

PBL playing Oosterwold

Recently the city game ‘Plan Ooosterwold’ was played by a group of twenty experts from the PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), responsible for advising the Dutch Ministry of the Environment.

While the new town of Almere is re-considering the options for revitalizing the existing city and expanding its borders, Play Oosterwold continues to explore Almere’s future vision of collaborating with its citizens as makers of their own city. The well-informed PLB focus group engaged in an exemplary and exciting four-hour game session; the question that emerged from this group is a valid one, and one we will endeavour to tackle: ‘Is the Dutch state really ready to share the serious responsibilities of city making with her citizens, as suggested in Oosterwold?’

See the game outcomes.

Originally commissioned by INTI (International New Town Institute) and the City of Almere in 2012, Play Oosterwold has been played by more than 50 groups and reaching more than 1000 players since its launch, under the guidance of our game master Jacob Buitenkant.