Density Game, Cape Town

December 2013, South Africa

Cape Town Sprawl

Ekim Tan, 2013 July

Was it Nelson Mandela’s final journey, Barrack Obama’s selfies, or the World Design Capital title that made The New York Times declare Cape Town the no. 1 place to visit in 2014?

It may have been all or none of these … what we do know is that, for a city gaming practice, Cape Town is a treasure with highly complex urban questions and conflicts.

Since Play the City’s first visit to South Africa in July 2013, we have been developing a density game. This is a generic city game addressing the sprawl and density dilemma of world metropolises. Its first application will be for the City of Cape Town, launched during as a World Design Capital event. The game is designed to re-establish, or in some cases establish, a dialogue between the actors that influence a city’s urban form. It does this through the negotiation of the fairest way to distribute the limited resources available, such as infrastructure, public services and farmlands.

We are delighted to announce that the Dutch Stimulation Fund for the Creative Industries awarded Play the City’s density game a research grant of €13,600.