Play Khayelitsha

Township Co-create Game' is designed for enacting townships without a dense urban core

In 2014, Play the City focused on Khayelitsha’s Business District -KBD. The city game targets creating win-win situations between players with conflicting interests that will result in realistic business cases to unlock stagnating urban development projects in the KBD.

Play Cape Town

Khayelitsha, ‘our new home’ in Xhosa, is South Africa’s second largest township. The township is populated by more than half million, 75% of which are under 29. Despite its young population and their will to better living, the community in Khayelitsha Business District -KBD- struggles. Large plots of land remain vacant, limited infrastructure and a lack of investment is letting down the process.

Who will save the empty centre? Will it be the passionate local businesses owners? Or the government seeking for better collaboration with local organizations? Or a Chinese investor who decides to take risk in Khayelitsha? Or the urban planners with innovative zoning rules? Play Khayelitsha challenges stakeholders to turn this township into a real town!

Game table detail

The station area of the Khayelitsha Game Table

The accuracy of a city game is directly dependent on the relevancy of players around the game table. Play Khayelitsha will engage direct stakeholders of KBD to play; from Informal Traders Association, the city’s planning, infrastructure, housing departments, to local organizations such as Khayelitsha Community Trust, Khayelitsha Development Forum, district councillors, homeowners, landowners, potential investors developers, VPUU and so forth...

Each play session can host 40 players; 20 active and 20 indirect players who influence the game through voting. For October 2014, we will run 4 Play Khayelitsha episodes, thus reaching up to 160 participants.

We plan to train local game masters who can run the Khayelitsha game in the long term. This way more players will get the chance to play the city. Besides the real stakeholders the game can also be played by experts from CoCT, students from UCT, tourists and residents...

Between October 2014-2015 over 500 players can easily be reached with only playing one session a month. Through the design of Play Khayelitsha, we expect to observe new ties emerging between existing players, while new players
willbe invited to join the process.

Play Khayelitsha will be the beginning of a long-term commitment to Cape Town with the vision of multiple games for different areas of the city and at various scales. By continuing to play the city in the coming years, more players will find the opportunity to negotiate about the development of Cape Town.

The purpose of Play Khayelitsha is
1. exploring shared visions with real stakeholders of KBD

2. unlocking conversations though seeking shared visions for KBD

3. reaching a large group of stakeholders to revive the community around KBD

4. introducing a new collaborative method for Cape Town; potentially a future working method for CoCT