Game Adaptation

If your urban question resembles to one of our former games, we can adapt an existing city game for you.


Play the City has designed and built several city games in the last four years. So far, we have played situations of urban regeneration, urban growth [formal and informal], new towns, urban densification, urban shrinkage, temporary use, vacancy, and run polls for urban governance. More recently we generated games that tackle urban management issues such as smart energy, open policy making and smart cities.

Building a new, fully functioning game costs considerable amount of time and money, taking a minimum of half a year. [see link] If the gaming approach suits your project, please look through our former games and consult with us to see if we can adapt an existing city game for you.

To share the game process online with a larger group of engaged individuals we document game outcomes and run a social network website:
Players can create their own profiles and upload their ideas to promote, debate and evolve them through interaction on this website. We are also active on facebook, twitter and linkedin, and use RFID-based social network cameras for real-time reporting.

Adapting an existing game

Research and Mapping urban questions
Detection of Players and Power Diagrams
Building a game prototype
Testing the City Game
Total cost of adapting an existing game: 5000 €

Given prices exclude VAT.
For innovative projects, as well as projects with social and cultural components, we are willing to negotiate prices if our research and development interests match yours.