City Gaming for City Making

Custom-Designed for Unique Urban Challenges: Develop an interactive consultation system tailored to your specific urban scenario with a unique Play the City Game!

Game Design for Istanbul's urban transformation

We build custom city games to help you communicate, play with and solve complex situations in the real world.

City gaming is an interactive environment in which diverse stakeholders play to simulate, generate and test urban scenarios. Players act through a combination of analog and digital platforms. They negotiate their own position while exchanging knowledge and visions. Bringing engaged agents into a game setting to release and evolve ideas is an innovative way of urban research and interactive learning. Besides its educational role, we use city gaming to generate development scenarios and compose collaborative plans.

-To share the game process online with a larger group of engaged individuals we document game outcomes and run a social network website:
Players can create their own profiles and upload their ideas to promote, debate and evolve them through interaction on this website. We are also active on facebook, twitter and linkedin, and use RFID-based social network cameras for real-time reporting.

City Game Design

Research and Mapping urban questions
Detection of Players and Power Diagrams
Designing and Testing Rules
Designing the game tables
Designing the game props
Building a game prototype
Testing the City Game