CTC, Complexity Theories of Cities

Amsterdam, 2013

Below is a list of Scientific Publications of Ekim Tan, phd candidate at .

Complexity and the City


‘Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age.’, Springer, 2012.
co-editor with Prof. Han Meyer, Prof. Yuval Portugali and Egbert Stolk

‘Street Level Desires’, Discovering the City on Foot’, Delft Publishers, 2009.
with Dr. Frank van der Hoeven

.‘Rotterdam Waterstad 2035’, Gemeente Rotterdam, 2005.
with -scape and urban affair


‘An Istanbul Utopia 2023: Do not plan, Play the Istanbul’, ‘Are we the World?’ 010 publishers, 2013.

‘On the emergence of new collectivity’, L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, 2010

‘Responsive design games and new towns’, ‘Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age.’, Springer, 2012.

‘Interveawing the formal and the informal’ Inhabitants as Agents in Istanbul and Almere, ‘New towns of the 21st century’, Sun publishers, 2010.

‘Het Paard van Troje’ Slow Management Magazine, 2008

‘Adaptive design’ Dynamisch design heeft toekomst, Agora, Magazine voor Sociaalruimtelijke Vraagstukken, 2008

‘Vermeers wanted’, Nova terra, Dutch independent urbanism magazine, 2007.

‘Downtown disney’, Nova terra, Dutch independent urbanism magazine, 2007.

‘Letters from Almere no.1’, Letters from a new town, 2007.

‘In search for opposing the generic identity’, International forum on urbanism, Beijing, 2006.

‘The Copenhagen experience: what the pedestrian wants’, Nova terra, Dutch independent urbanism magazine, 2006. 

‘Legibility back on the agenda’, Atlantis, Delft, 2006.

‘Modernity in fast-motion -Istanbul’, Istanbul’s silent but fast urban transformation, 2006.

‘Noodles versus Magnum’, The chinese urban development, 2006

‘Cities: grand bazaar of architectureS’, World Congress of Architecture, 2005.

‘Thin line between being radical and naïve’, Indesem workshop: Architecture; A political act, 2005.

‘More sign than space, Las Vegas revisited’, Interview with Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown, 2005.

Ekim Tan is the founder of the Play the City Studio. Recently Ekim is finalizing her doctoral thesis at the Architecture Faculty of Delft University of Technology, Department of Urbanism section and at the International New Towns Institute, INTI in Almere.