Rules for Playing Freezing Favela

Play van Gendthallen

We have been discussing the who and what of the Freezing Favela Project. Now its time to find out where and how.

Rules for the Favela

Sequence Rule

Play in Sequence

Accessibility Rule

Place your initiative in such a way that it is possible to enter it and do not block others entrance.

Respect Rule

Players need to respect formerly made decisions concerning basic needs such as needing cold or warm, or asking for noise or quiet.

Rule of Collaboration

We advise you find partners who can join in your initiative. This will help you earn a better position in the game and in the implementation later; building cheaper, energy saving etc.

Rule of Use

Do not repeat but diversity existing activities in the favela.

Conflict Rule

In conflicting conditions where players cant come up with a common decision, the game master takes over. The role of the game master is not to decide but clarify conflicting conditions and call for public voting to decide.

Rule of Iteration

We propose to play Freezing Favela in minimum tree sessions, concerning the organic collection of diverse initiatives. All outcomes will be illustrated. We propose to finalize our decisions and in a public final session at the end of january 2013.

Rule of Finance

Mediamatic, the curator, will pay a max amount of 600 € for each initiator. If your favela costs less money to erect, the curator will pay just enough to realize your favela. Please check through the construction menu and select items you need.

Rule of Tax

After building the city, if any of the citizens starts earning income from their activities 30% of the income will be returned to the curator, Mediamatic.

Rule of Rules

Always try to solve things without having to refer to the Rules of Play first

As Mediamatic, the curator, is the legal responsible party for developments, implementations of some activities can be altered by them.