Play van Gendthallen

Play to Build a Temporary City

Part of: City Games, Temporary Use

A new challenge for Dutch Urbanism is developing effective tools for making temporary plans of empty city areas. A heritage of the fiscal crisis, master plans are on hold everywhere in the country: Rotterdam, Almere, Heerlen, even in trendy and creative Amsterdam. As a response, Dutch cities are in search of new methods for adapting their legal plans to temporary use developments.
Play the City Studio invented an interactive process to plan and implement such a temporary development. Situated in Amsterdam’s Oostenburgereiland, the temporary city of 6 months will come to life in the Van Gendthallen monument. Mediamatic, initiator of the temporary city, calls the temporary and self-organizing development Freezing Favela. Scientists, designers, artists and farmers who are in need of inspiring spaces to work and socializ join forces to warm up this beautiful but leaking ice-cold monument. We played a city game session to settle an urban plan on Sunday the 6th of January with Sandberg Institute, Trash Factory, Liqueur Lab, Media-hammam, the Clean Lab, Vacant NL. Rules of the interactive process are here.

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