If I were the Mayor...

Tap your İstanbulkart and Envision Istanbul!

What if we used our public transport cards not only to travel but also to create and share knowledge for our cities? Play the City’s interactive city installation ‘If I were the Mayor’ expands the possibilities of your public transport card. During the Design Biennial, citizens of Istanbul will join a city vision poll by using their Istanbulkarts.


Not only does Play the City’s city-making tool tap into a very common technology in Istanbul, we also question the monopoly of a limited number of experts envisioning our cities. Critical citizens can also take part in envisioning our cities and define their own responsibilities in realizing these visions.

‘City Vision Polls: If I were the Mayor’ is an interactive installation that challenges citizens to generate urban visions for cities. Play the City confronts everyone to think about İstanbul’s burning dilemmas on traffic, drinking water, food, energy, urban density, public space, shopping, transformation, investment and earthquake risk.

Any 'İstanbullu' with an İstanbulkart can take part in the vision-making process by simply tapping their own card on the preferred scenarios. We then translate these user generated choices using RFID technology to visualize and evaluate the scenarios in real-time.

Based on your reactions to ‘If I were the Mayor’, you learn what type of mayor you would make: A tree-hugging, radical, populist mayor or a gas-guzzling, pragmatic, globalist one.

We look forwarding to meeting you on 13th of October in the Istanbul Modern Museum!

Play the City’s ‘City Vision Polls; If I were the Mayor’ is made possible by Stimuleringsfonds voor Architecture. Our knowledge partners in this project are TU Delft and Mediamatic.