Play Tirana

During Tirana Architecture Week, Play the City will generate scenarios for an overall renewal of Tirana boosted by the new Intermodal Train Station.


Play the City simulates cities by interactive multi-player games. We typically take on real urban questions, following simple rules adapted from reality. Carefully modeling the interaction of engaged players and their powers, our games provide real-time input for new interventions, and evolve existing plans by involving crowds in their development. Through Play the City games, stakeholders generate realistic future scenarios based on negotiation and collaboration as well as conflict and shared interests.

During Tirana Architecture Week, Play the City proposes an experiment that regards the city as a productive and social laboratory. Between 6 and 8 of October 2012, we will use city gaming for a collaborative scenario generation for Tirana’s rail transportation. The city game for the new Intermodal Train Station in Tirana intends to generate alternatives for an overall renewal of the city using collective intelligence. The new station is intended to become the hub of exchanges and therefore to have the ability of connecting both the urban areas and the areas outside the city, in compatibility with the existing railway network.

The new Intermodal Train Station in Tirana is originally subject to an international competition. In collaboration with the Tirana Municipality, the competition event will integrate collected work and ideas into a series of possible solutions. The strong international impact and success of this competition will be guaranteed not only by a jury of architects and field specialists of international importance, but also by the fact that this is the first competition of ideas regarding an intermodal station ever organized in Tirana.

TU-Delft Holland: Winy Mass/MVRDV (chairman)
POLIS University: Besnik Aliaj, Rudina Toto
Municipality of Tirana: Ulrike Bega
HSH Albanian Railways: Zamir Ramadani
ANHALT University of Applied Science: Stephan Pinkau
Albanian Union of Architects A.U.A: Ledian Bregasi
University of Ferrara: Antonello Stella

The work and ideas created during the competition will be presented in a public exhibition.

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