Istanbul 2023 Presentation at 5th IABR

Do not Plan, Play Istanbul

Today the Dutch are inventing ways to self-build cities, while the Turks establish new ministries and gigantic housing corporations to centrally plan the country. The institutions of fine city design tradition are beginning to weaken in The Netherlands, while modernist urbanist dreams for Istanbul triumph in Turkish national election campaigns.

Projected Urban Transformation for Istanbul 2023

From 2003 to 2012, the shift in both planning regimes is remarkable, but what Istanbul will witness by 2023 is mind-blowing.
This story is not only about Istanbul’s good urbanism practice for a just, resilient, smart and creative city, it is also the story of an unprecedented heroic urban operation saving millions of lives from a disastrous earthquake. Before visiting the future, 2023, I want to bring you back to 2003, when it all started...