Verbeter de buurt (improve your neighborhood)


With this tool citizens can complain about an issue, marking it until the Council fixes it.
Verbeterdebuurt is a platform for making reports about public space. These reports can range from defects in furniture and lighting to pollution, vandalism, unsafe traffic situations, and animal nuisances. Verbeterdebuurt transmits reports to the relevant municipality or district council, keeping the user informed about progress. Verbeterdebuurt was founded in 2009 and processed 10,000 reports per year. About 75% of all Dutch municipalities actively use Verbeterdebuurt. However, in last 2 years, activity has declined.

Name: Verbeterdebuurt
Type: Government
Urban trend: Collaborative urban mapping, Crowdsourcing, bottom up urban engagement
Status: Less active
Created by: Individuals and collectives
Created for: People
Works: Bottom-up
Accessibility: Moderate