IBM-Rio de Janeiro Intelligent Operations Center

The new Operations Center in R...

The new Operations Center in Rio provides the incident commander and responders with a single, unified view of all the information that they require for situational awareness.

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Centro de Operacoes Rio, where managers monitor dozens of data feeds for information concerning weather, traffic, police, and medical services on a real-time basis, anticipating looming problems. By coordinating the activities of more than 30 municipal and state departments–plus private utility and transportation companies–the operations center is the first such facility in the world that is on the path toward the integration of all city functions with a single digital command-and-control system. The facility embodies the principle that only by considering and coordinating the human-made and natural systems of a city in a holistic way can municipal leaders hope manage the complexities of a large, modern city.

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Name: Centro de Operaçoes Rio
Type: Government
Urban trend: Urban data, data visualization, open governance
Status: Very active
Created by: Local government
Created for: Local government and people
Works: Top-down
Accessibility: Moderate