Cities reaching the Crowds

What makes the majority of Istanbul citizens pragmatic, globalist tree-huggers?

Result Wheel- Mayor

City polls help cities to reach crowds in short amounts of time and build collaborations. The city of London uses the Oyster card to improve the efficiency of its Underground.
A RFID-based city poll where citizens are given the role of the mayor and have to make complex policies on earthquake, drinking water, energy or foreign investments.
Here is the breakdown of 1155 votes collected in the Istanbul Modern for 2 and a half days.

Most supported ideas:

I would stop the urban sprawl to supply drinking water from the natural reserves in the north.112 (9.7%)

I would apply 50% discount on Istanbulkarts for locals who use solar panels104 (9%)

I would convert public transport into a luxurious experience.102 (8.8%)

Least supported ideas:

I would start the demolition tomorrow in earthquake sensitive neighborhoods and evacuate the residents in vacant TOKI homes.22 (1.9%)

Car ownership is increasing, I would build the third and fourth Bosporus bridges.13 (1.1%)

I would accept the reality of sprawl and buy drinking water from Bulgaria if needed.12 (1%)

Most popular outcome:

Populist Pragmatic Tree Hugger

Least popular outcomes:

Global, Pragmatic, Tree Hugger
Global, Pragmatic, Gas-guzzler