Rent cars from people in your community

RelayRides is website were people can add their personal cars to share it with others.


When you are at work, on holiday or just at home, someone else can borrow your car if they need a car to pick up some stuff, go on a holiday, try out a specific car, or impress someone, for only a small fee per hour. The system is community-based. You make a connection with the car-owner/car/car-user and agree on the terms. Afterwards you leave a review about the car-owner/car/car-user and in this way a community is built. It works similar to AirBnB but with cars.

It is a way to green up your community, as renting out your car will take 14 other cars off the road(*their website claims), resulting in cleaner air and clearer streets for you, and a great new mobility option for your neighborhood.

Name: RelayRides
Type: Mobility
Urban trend: Car-sharing, community-building
Status: Active
Created by: Entrepeneurs
Created for: Car users
Works: Bottom-up
Accessibility: Hard
Public/Private: Private
Type of Tool: Website
Scale: Urban scale
Costs: price/hour