If I were Istanbul’s Mayor... Now in Amsterdam!

Location: Mediamatic Fabric, VOC-Kade 10-12, Amsterdam. Doors Open: 16:30 hours.

If you were the mayor of a metropolis like Istanbul, would you allow growth at the expense of drinking water from Bulgaria? Would you ban mushrooming shopping malls even if they were designed sustainably? How would you tackle the impossible traffic or the earthquake risk?

Source: Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi

If you want to play Istanbul’s mayor for a short while, come to join Play the City’s digital city poll tonight and don’t forget your public transport card!

Based on your votes our software will tell you what kind of mayor would you be. A globalist pragmatic gas-guzzler or a populist radical tree-hugger?

more info here, here and here.

Play the City collaborated with Mediamatic in creating ‘If I were the Mayor...’ interactive city installation.