City Gaming Method


Dynamic urban development “is” the 21st century. As master planning falls out of favor, city makers are calling for more effective and collaborative methods. We, Play the City, consult governments and companies through our physical Gaming method. A game is a model, a simplified version of reality. Complex issues can be made accessible to a large number of people; both experts and non-experts.
Our Games accelerate consensus amongst multiple stakeholders, support informed decision making and resolve conflicts. Stakeholders have fun and engage in the process genuinely.

We tailor our Games according to each specific case. With over five years experience worldwide, we have worked on urban projects of all scales as well as on refugee camps, violence prevention and other multi-stakeholder challenges.
The following  three steps explain how we apply the gaming method to advanced urban questions:


Stakes and Stakeholders

Firstly, we identify key stakeholders, -both visible and hidden. Meanwhile we conduct our research to help you sharpen the boundaries of your challenge. This can be in the form of a field survey and personal interviews. Based on this research we develop a map of stakeholders relating powers and interests of various parties. This is a crucial step for modelling the roles and rules in your Game.
At the end of this phase, we convert the outcomes of this research into a “Game Concept” and receive your input



Incorporating your feedback, we develop the initial Game Concept to an interactive “City Game” interface specifically for your individual case.
The Game platform enables you and your stakeholders to visualize ideas, plans and project so various interests can be tested against one another. Our Games are built to seek consensus amongst conflicting interests. Together with your stakeholders, you become free to test alternative scenarios and implement decisions during the Game to prepare for reality


Action Plan

The Gaming provides a playful platform for stakeholders to negotiate in a unique way and reach decisions collaboratively.
We record all Gaming sessions carefully and analyse afterwards. We translate insights and opportunities revealed by players during the Game into innovative strategies and action plans for your real life interventions.
In some cases, we advice you with further gaming sessions to incorporate changing input or to detail the decisions further.


Book a Trial Game

Curious to learn more? The best way to understand the benefits of games is to experience them.
This is why Play the City has designed a trial game that places you in at the centre of an interesting challenge for one day. You can book the trial game for a group of people and learn by doing.
Contact us for more information.