JoinUp Taxi


JoinUp Taxi! The first app for iPhone that allows you to share a taxi or order a taxi for yourself and book it beforehand.

Individual Taxi:
You can order your taxi with just two clicks; you will be able to see on your screen how long it will take to arrive and see as it approaches to pick you up. You can also book your taxi up to a week in advance; all you have to do is enter the date and time you want.

Shared taxi:
Enter the details to order a shared taxi that meets your requirements:
The pick-up point, date, time, number of people in your party, pieces of luggage. Then choose a destination from the pre-set list of destinations in your city.
The app will search for other passengers within 3 blocks and a half-hour period. If there are other passengers who meet your criteria, the app shows them to you and you can choose to join them.
If there is nobody else with the same requirements as you, you can order your own shared taxi and we will look for travelling companions for you.

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Name: JoinUp Taxi
Type: Mobility
Urban trend: Sharing car, empowerment technologies
Status: Active
Created by: Entrepreneurs
Created for: People
Works: Top-down and bottom-up
Accessibility: moderate