Why should I join the Majority Report?

Join us and evaluate interactive city making tools!

Tahrir Square, Cairo, 2012.

We are constantly bombarded by countless new city tools active through the web, mobile devices or sensors in the city. Which ones actually make a real change? Majority Report will help cities and citizens to navigate in the complex world of digital platforms.

We generate or share data, we geo-locate disasters, businesses or events, we crowd-source plans, we crowd-measure the environment, we crowd-build public bridges, we crowd-plant city gardens, we crowd-fund the public space, we live off the grid or we feed energy back to the grid, we trade with alternative currencies, we matchmake stakeholders...

Some welcome these city tool as inevitable devices for "the smart city", others remain cautious of an advanced form of control and consumerism.

Play the City has been researching and building up a database of digital tools for the city. Hereby we invite you help us evaluate these tools on their purpose, accessibility, execution and playfulness to reach a more Civic City than we have today.