UvA Students Play Oosterwold! Day 3

20 June 2013

First Year Planning Students from the UvA Play Oosterwold!

UvA Planning Students 20 June 2013

On June 20th, 2 groups of 15 Students Played a teaser version of Play Oosterwold! as a part of the course Spatial Programming and Design. First year Students from the University of Amsterdam were introduced in Serious Gaming as a tool for Spatial Programming and Design.

After an introduction on the development of Almere and the plans designed by the Municipality of Almere for the area of Almere Oosterwold, the students started playing Oosterwold.

The first group of 15 Students divided themselves in groups of 5 and they came up with 4 Plans for the Oosterwold Area:

1; A Zoo; A small zoo is created with a variety of animals which you can find in the Oosterwold area. The Zoo works together with the Care facility for clients with Down Syndrome. They work in the Zoo and take care of the animals.

2; An Energyfarm created by a cooperation of all developers in the area to supply all plots with sustainable energy

3; Housing-care facility for clients with Down Syndrome; An combination of housing en nurturing Down Syndrome people in a green and safe area. They clients will work at the nearby Zoo.

4; Housing and Workshops; To attract the new avant-garde artist an area is created with houses and workshops. There is special attention for Landart.

The other 15 students devided themselves in groups of different sizes and came up with 7 plans:

1; A general farm; A normal farm with catle and crops producing food for the local area.

2; X-treme sports area; An leisure area for X-treme sports. This has the possibility to be a national center for X-treme sports and International games can be held here.

3; Mental Health Care center; An area with housing, care and activities for persons with mental problems is realized in a safe and green environment.

4; Paintball; A paintball area is created for leisure purposes.

5; Wedding and Wellness center; Near the woods an area is created for weddings and wellness. Facilities are of a high standard with will attract national customers.

6; High producing Farm; Next to all the urban farming, intensive farming is still needed to feed the people in de Almere area. This farm will fullfill this need.

7; Collective Housing for senior citizens; An area with housing and collective amenities for the older citizens with an higher income.

On a general note it is interesting to see that these projects were situated all around the Oosterwold area but they were as well looking at the other projects to help them out. Also there is a vast interest in projects regarding care. Furthermore this Oosterwold is a mix of producing, caretaking, living and leisure.