UvA Students Play Oosterwold! Day 1

18 June 2013

First Year Planning Students from the UvA Play Oosterwold!

UvA Planning Students 18th June 2013

On June 18th, 30 Students Played a teaser version of Play Oosterwold! as a part of the course Spatial Programming and Design. First year Students from the University of Amsterdam were introduced in Serious Gaming as a tool for Spatial Programming and Design.

After an introduction on the development of Almere and the plans designed by the Municipality of Almere for the area of Almere Oosterwold, the students started playing Oosterwold.

The group of 30 Students divided themselves in groups of 5 and they came up with 7 Plans for the Oosterwold Area:

1; A Vineyard; an agricultural implementation for producing wine for the Oosterwold Area. Situated next to the Beer Brewery so they can split the costs for transportation and storage.

2; A Burlesque Danceclub; This club will be used by the busy metropolitain inhabitant for relaxation. They will drink the wine and beer from the neighbouring farms.

3; Ice rink and Swimming Pool; A natural waterarea got a public function as a Swimming Pool for the summer and an Ice Rink in winter. Next the to the waterare are different kind of restaurants and bars.

4; Sport facillities; An area created for doing different kinds of sports for the future inhabitants of Oosterwold

5; Small villa area; In a beautiful greaan area different villa's are created to give the upperclass of Oosterwold the homes they want.

6; collective housing; A traditional housingcomplex for the middleclass citizens.

7; Beer Brewery; An Organic Beer Brewery was created in the middle of Oosterwold as a generator for other developments. Working close together with the Winefarm next door a small agricultural area with organic products was created.

On a general note it is interesting to see that all projects were situated around the Vineyard and the Brewery so they could use the products from those plots. It became apparent that Oosterwold would be a selfserving green area with a lot of leisure possibilities.