UvA Students Play Oosterwold! Day 2

19 June 2013

First Year Planning Students from the UvA Play Oosterwold!

UvA Students Play Oosterwold 19 June 2013

On June 19th, 2 groups of 15 Students Played a teaser version of Play Oosterwold! as a part of the course Spatial Programming and Design. First year Students from the University of Amsterdam were introduced in Serious Gaming as a tool for Spatial Programming and Design.

After an introduction on the development of Almere and the plans designed by the Municipality of Almere for the area of Almere Oosterwold, the students started playing Oosterwold.

The first group of 15 Students divided themselves in groups of 5 and they came up with 4 Plans for the Oosterwold Area:

1; An Energy-farm; An area was created with the sole purpose of creating energy for the other projects in the Oosterwold area.

2; Waterworld; this water-themed area for leisure contains a hotel, coffeeshop, swimmingpool and Kebabshop.

3; Selfserving bars & restaurants; a combination of farming and restaurants. The farming is solely used for feeding the restaurants.

4; floating Hotel

The other 15 students devided themselves in groups of different sizes and came up with 7 plans:

1; An Electric Racetrack; A full track in the middle of Oosterwold is created. The track can only be used by electric vehicles and surrounding the track there are green area's for farming and leisure.

2; Paintball area: In the woods of Oosterwold a Paintball area is created for the youth of Oosterwold.

3; Food Farm: An agricultural area is created to produce food for the local market.

4; Cementary: A beatiful cementary is created in the woods of Oosterwold. This is a public area

5; Restaurant Area; different kind of restaurants and bars are created for the bigger Oosterwold Area

6; Housing area for self building: This development creates the plots and surroundings for people who want to build their own house.

7; Floating Hotel with art workshops to attract the creatice class.

On a general note it is interesting to see that these projects were situated all around the Oosterwold Area but they still were regarding the other projects to help them out. This Oosterwold is a mix of producing, living and leisure.