Helin Irmak Kahraman


Born in Ankara, the city which suffers from unplanned urbanization and causes diverse living conditions and social, economic and spatial separations, I thought it shouldn’t be the right way to conceive a city. I have always dreamt about getting more involved in order to create a socially mixed, sustainable city which can flexibly be adapted depending on habitants’ needs.

I moved to Paris on 2016 after graduating from high school, hoping to find a better opportunity to see closer how western cities, facing urgent questions like migration, affordable housing and climate change offer solutions through architectural reforms. That’s how I started my Bachelor degree on architecture at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais.

As I got more involved with architecture, I started to question the space; its limits, functions and durability, and how to manipulate them. I understood out the importance of human’s participation: the space depends on how we interpret and perceive  the information about the objects and people surrounding us that we receive through our senses. Realizing how each being is capable of perceiving and manipulating space and its limits in a different way, I tried to create an interactive architectural experience for users for my school projects. 

Meeting with Play the City and their innovative City Gaming method helped me to assembly all of these different ideas I had about better architecture and showed me that it was possible to create sustainable urban planning with interactive participations. As an intern, having the chance of experiencing this method which brings theoretical knowledge and practice together, provides a brand-new vision for my studies.