Our Services

Play the City performs at the crossroads of urban planning, design advice, research and gaming. We are constantly expanding, understanding and redefining boundaries of our workfield. Below we document how we work with our partners and clients. We are always open to new forms of collaboration. We would be thrilled to welcome you in our office to explore the next meaningful challenge with you.

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Advisory Services

We consult large scale multiplayer projects through our unique method; city gaming. After building a game together with you, we manage the consultation process through facilitation of game sessions, reporting, analysis and creating an advisory roadmap.  



Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder management through city gaming is a breakthrough in the rather tedious task of managing interests, expectations and conflicts amongst various parties. We invite, involve and make sure your stakeholders remain in conversation throughout the entire process. Alternatively, you can also explore Play the City’s wide network of partners and experts joining the table and increasing project quality.



City Game

Do you have a specific urban challenge that concerns multiple stakeholders? Our team can create a city game from scratch that represents your area and corresponds to your ambitions and conditions. The city game design includes the development of in-depth research and analysis of your case and the adaptation of these technical and administrative components into game dynamics and tangible game elements.



City Game Adaptation

Since 2010, Play the City has developed games on urgent topics such as migration, affordable housing, circular economy, urban safety, urban transformation, urban expansion, citizen data and social change. Together with local experts, we tailor our existing games with local questions, data and stakeholders. By using an existing format, the game can be prepared in a shorter timespan.



City Game Facilitation & Reporting

Implementing the full potential of city gaming process requires guidance through game dynamics as well as attentive facilitation and coordination of players in the room. Our team has been delivering gaming sessions while recording and reporting about the constructive and confident communication between different stakeholders.



Game Trial

A game trial session gives you the chance to network with other curious designers, planners, gaming enthusiasts. You get to explore the gaming method and can conclude whether the method could help increase the quality of your development process.



Training, Lecturing, Coaching

We run regular city game sessions at the City Stimulation Room, hosted by Amsterdam’s creative hub Pakhuis de Zwijger. If for some reason you can’t come and play in Amsterdam, we are happy to bring the game to your city.

Our team teaches and lectures internationally on city gaming, dynamic planning and multi-stakeholder engagement.


What you can expect from playing the game

Here is a number of purposes our games served successfully so far:



. Collaborative and interactive decision-making

. Safe idea/product/strategy testing



. Integration of design ideas from multiple disciplines

. Using design-thinking for both social and spatial issues


Learning and experience

.Informing by the process as much as the outcome

.Fun and play

.Jargon-free access to latest strategic practices, policies and innovations in the field


Engagement and communication

.Nonpartisan stakeholder engagement



Organizational Alignment

.Breaking the “silo effect” and “echo chambers”

.Breaking established and formal power roles and hierarchies