Sofia Arrias Bittencourt


Recently relocated to the Netherlands from Brazil, my path within Urban Planning has always been in pursuing new challenges in the field. By linking different areas of knowledge and expertise, and using this baggage and skills, I am always searching  for ways of improving our cities.
I  graduated with a B. A. in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, having worked as an Undergraduate Researcher on the themes of Spatial Accessibility, Urban Morphology and Heritage. During that time I also received a Science without Borders’ scholarship for a 1-year exchange program at the University of Salford – England. My bachelor’s education was the foundation of my professional career, mixing research, practice and requiring a lot of proactivity to understand and work within public structures.
Working within the São Paulo Municipality after graduation broadened my view of planning as a scientific and technical endeavor to a process built with people and for people. That inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree that was interdisciplinary and dealt with urban issues intertwined with Sociology and Political Science alongside technical solutions, such as the Research Masters Urban Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
Working at Play the City is a great opportunity to keep pursuing this line between research and practice, urban planning and governance, action and reflection, with actual results for cities and citizens.