Christine Gaglione

Originally from San Diego, I am a native Californian who has always had an affinity for the design of cities, for both their practical and aesthetic abilities. I believe cities are unique opportunities where the confluence of ideas, cultures, work and play come together. With Los Angeles as my backdrop, I received my bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies at UCLA.
After working for a few years at a small architectural firm, I relocated to Barcelona to complete my master’s in International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture. I have been lucky enough to also study in Cape Town, Geneva and rural India and have learned unique lessons from each of these places.
My background in architecture has contributed greatly to my work and served as a base for understanding creative and innovative solutions. During my studies I became particularly interested in participatory, inclusive design strategies. My research and design work at Play the City has demonstrated to me that games can take complex issues and reframe them to make them accessible for a variety of audiences.