Bhavna Vaddadi


Hailing from Hyderabad, India, I traveled to many cities around the country gaining different experiences and growing up with different cultures. Coming from a family of doctors and engineers, I broke the trend and found my passion for urban planning and design. To hone my skills I pursued my undergraduate studies at the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, Gujarat, India and moved on to obtain my master's degree from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

I believe a city is shaped by its transportation system. Today, approaches to transportation play an important role in the sustainable development of economies. A strong transportation system ensures a better quality of life for both urban areas and their surroundings. Therefore, I believe transportation strategies should be based on the three pillars of sustainability (Social, Economic, and Environmental factors) and that people are the key to city plans. Their needs are the base on which the pillars of sustainability stand. During my bachelors, I developed a keen interest in sustainable mobility solutions for today’s issues through personal mobility systems.

During my internship at Center for Urban Equity, I worked on the Local Accessibility Plan for Rajkot, India using focused group discussions to understand how people perceive their city and promote sustainability. My interaction with various stakeholders demonstrated how the needs of demographic groups differ. This prompted me to propose accessible basic infrastructure and public transit to shorten travel distances. I then went on to studythe importance of technology in Smart mobility systems through Autonomous Shared Mobility and its impact on cities.

Through the course of my study and internships, the idea of participatory and inclusive urban planning and design strategies captured my interest. My internship at Play the City helps me to understand these strategies with a unique method of city gaming to tackle a wide range of complex issues and find sustainable, user-oriented and transparent solutions for cities.