Games for Cities Programme

Explore how games improve city making

Games for Cities is a platform for city-gamers initiated by Play the City and her partners.



Games for Cities is a programme initiated by Play the City, and generously supported by funding from Creative Industries Fund NL. Games for Cities is a public research and event programme that explores the role of gaming for complex urban issues. It is the active virtual database and a collection of games that improve city making.

City-games are increasingly prevalent in the daily work of policy-makers, regulators, urban designers, smart city experts and architects. The Games for Cities programme contributes to this maturing field of city-making in two ways: by generating a critical and holistic overview of implemented city-games, and by encouraging city-game designers to work closely with local governments.

The programme has been compiled together with Play the City’s knowledge partners: HvA Play and Civic Media, UU New Media Studies, TU Delft The Why Factory, and The Mobile City. For the content of specific events, partnerships are established with: City of Amsterdam, City of Eindhoven, City of Utrecht, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Het Nieuwe Instituut, and Designhuis.