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iPhone 7 with glass enclosure: Concept Video to iPhone 2017
Guido KarstenAugust 12 17:44

This year's iPhone is probably "7 iPhone" another term as wear and also to offer relatively few innovations have. But what about the device, which will appear in 2017 for the tenth anniversary iPhone? Concept Iphone has published a new concept video on YouTube showing how such a Apple smartphone might look.

Come 2017, the sapphire crystal case? Already in 2014 before the release of the iPhone 6 there were numerous rumors that Apple in collaboration with GT Advanced Technologies to develop a display cover made ​​of sapphire glass . Later it was said that the project had failed. A little later GTAT had to file for bankruptcy. The iPhone 7 - provided that the Apple smartphone for 2017, because hot so will now get even a whole body of glass. Could be reinforced with an aluminum frame, it might, as we see it in the concept video?

Mix of iPhone and iPhone 6s SE

The combination of metal frame and glass back is not new. Even the newer iPhone SE has such a structure, but the edges of the screen glass made ​​from sapphire crystal in the concept of designer Alexander Lehnert, Jens Kreuter and Ran Avni are gently rounded. Neither at the front nor the back there are gaps in which dirt could collect.

The artists have not only a noble iPhone model designed which so thoroughly would visually imagine in 2017, but is likely also some technical improvements. Your thought up "iPhone 8" would therefore have no SIM card slot more and gracefully put on the Apple SIM. Would be added a wireless charging function, which probably in reality only for the iPhone 7 is to be expected and 2017th Stereo speakers, as they should be installed as early as next iPhone would also be on board.
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