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DHL hotline and DHL phone number - All about the Customer ⇛The DHL Hotline - At what times and on which DHL phone number, the customer of this business to achieve and what help is offered here.New - Amazon Prime Music free trialWith Prime Music You can now get access to over a million songs, selected playlists and your own personal radio. Unlimited and without advertising. Free to try for free with Amazon Prime..jetztGeneral to the DHL Hotline for all customer inquiriesAny customer who is to receive a package about the shipping service of DHL, the DHL can call hotline to get information about the dispatch of the order. Furthermore, can be clarified through the DHL customer service but also problems with the dispatch. As the user can reach the DHL Hotline and what are the alternatives to this contact possibilities, are described herein in the text more accurately.Important data for the DHL customer HotlineFor customers, it is quite reasonable, ready to put the individual tracking number of your package, as they need to provide this code usually at the customer. Furthermore, it should be noted that over the DHL customer is often asked if the caller of the recipient or sender of the packet is. Sometimes it may be necessary to verify the enumeration of the zip code of the sender / receiver. In addition, it makes sense to know which day the package was sent.The assistance by the DHL Customer ServiceAid to the customer via the DHL Hotline always turns out the same. Here, all requests are processed in a central call center, the employees only have access to some data on each package. Furthermore, it should be named so that it is only possible with on the DHL customer hotline to start the search for a lost package. Also stopping or redirecting a shipment is rarely possible. The reason for this is that the DHL Hotline not sitting directly in parcel distribution and therefore can not intervene directly in the shipping package.The reliability of the DHL HotlineThe staff of the customer have only limited means to help customers and answer questions. Accordingly, the customer should expect only limited help in this way. Otherwise, should still be named, that statements about the exact delivery date of the package are not always binding. The amounts of customer inquiries in the DHL Hotline and thousands packages every day, this is also to wait.The accessibility of the Hotline for DHL Express shipping National and DHL PhoneWho wants to know the area DHL express delivery National, can reach the appropriate support from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 20 pm. On Saturday is the DHL Hotline 7-16 pm. On national holidays, the hotline can however not be achieved. The DHL phone number for this area is: +49 (0) 180 6 345 300 - 1 The cost of a call will be 20 cents per call from the fixed network, mobile network provider, the price rises to 60 cents per call.The Hotline for DHL Express International ShippingIn this Hotline for the area of ​​the DHL express shipping International the same times for the availability and the same prices can be expected per call. This only needs to be named, that the DHL telephone number for international express shipments as follows: +49 (0) 180 6 345 300 -. 3The DHL hotline for technical support of the shipping logistics systemsThis third variant for the customer of DHL can be achieved on any weekday 7-20 am and Saturdays 7-16 PM. In addition, are expected to the same cost of 20 cents from a landline and 60 cents from the mobile network. Again the only difference this DHL hotline for technical support of the shipping logistics systems of the DHL phone number, in this case the customer must select only the number +49 (0) 180 6 003 321.OverviewDHL Customer Service : +49 (0) 228 43 33 112DHL express delivery National : +49 (0) 180 6345300-1DHL Express Shipping International : +49 (0) 180 6345300-3DHL Hotline Technical Support : +49 (0) 180 6 003 321Alternative to the DHL HotlineWho anybody reached via said DHL phone number or just the DHL Hotline not want to use, which may take any other contact opportunities to complete. This includes the contact via Facebook , Twitter or writing an e-mail. The team on the social networks is Monday to Friday between 7am and 20 o'clock and on Saturday from 8 to 16 o'clock available. Without DHL telephone number in writing, the same questions can be clarified as the hotline here.Selected productsWhere boxSiku 1936 - PostwagenDHL package box size L with letterboxTopic over time08. 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