Architect versus Architecture

A Critical View on Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014

Press Office Venice Architecture Biennial 2014

As promised by the curator this year's Venice Biennale is about 'Architecture' and not 'Architects'. Rather than serving as a building catalog of world-famous architects, thorough historic research on the elements of architecture -walls, windows, stairs, elevators, ceilings...- welcome the visitors in the central pavilion. I think, this invaluable collection might be treated as the 21st Century 'De Architectura' of Vitrivuis in the future.

While donating such an enlightening research to architecture, Koolhaas behaves unforgiving to the modernity in architecture for its failure of delivering its promises, as well as to the architects announcing their shrinking relevance in the production of space. One might fully agree or oppose these non-shocking statements by Mr. Koolhaas, but I advice everyone to have the biennale's book 'Elements of Architecture'.

The book will become available after 1st of July for 83$ in the USA and 109€ in Europe.

This year for the first time, the director of the architecture spectacle coordinates 65 country pavilions to respond on the main theme of the exhibition: Absorbing Modernity: 1914-2014. A detailed review of the show by the Guardian's architecture critique Olliver Wainwright is here.

Below you can enjoy a photo report made by the Play the City members during their holiday: