TLM (tirana last mile)

The aim of the project is to replace 80% of ICE AGE cars with Electric Vehicle in taxi business.
This will provide a lot of benefits.
The system will offer the best possibilities to support lateral structures related with:
IoT (Internet of Things),
M2M (Machine to Machine) &
System of Systems.
The project consists in taxi business in Tirana, but it is not limited. It can also be used in all Eastern Europe cities, or other cities, similar with,
Tirana's characteristics like:
the population, the economy and public transportation.

• Solve transportation problems
• everything will be managed in Cloud (the relation and operation between the customer and the driver)
• Decrease pollution in crowded cities
• Increase revenue in the taxi service
• Decrease taxi price
• Cargo services for door to door services
• Create a totally new way of delivery probabilities and also delivery cost.
• Increase the number of parking spaces
• Create the possibility for electric bike sharing system.